What to expect from our Pressure Cleaning Service?

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Pressure Cleaning Service


What to expect when you’re expecting the Magic Bubbles Pressure Cleaner
We pride ourselves in our work. We want to assist in keeping your property clean. Once scheduled, you will receive an email reminder the day before your appointment. Please make sure to check the address and arrival time. For our non-membership customers who do not have us on the permanent gate list, we will need to be called in to all man gates or given the gate code for unmanned but gated communities. Failure to provide this information prior to our appointment may result in your appointment having to be rescheduled or cancelled.

Weather Policy
Pressure cleaning can be done rain or shine. However, if there is a bad thunderstorm or heavy winds, it is unsafe to perform pressure cleaning or low pressure roof cleaning work. If we have to cancel and reschedule your appointment our office will contact you immediately.

Chemical Cleaning Policy
We use a low pressure chemical treatment on your roof and other areas of your property. It contains bleach. It is the recommended method of roof manufacturers and the preferred method of cleaning. It kills the mold, allowing your property to stay cleaner (on average 2-3 times longer than using high water pressure). We take all the appropriate precautions when using our low pressure chemical treatment on your property. This includes, but not limited to, rinsing all plant materials, cover plants and surrounding landscaping with tarps, and bagging gutters to collect run off from the roof cleaning. Magic Bubbles cannot be held responsible for gutters that are not properly sealed at the joints and therefore leak, gutters that are not properly installed or gutter irrigation that goes into the ground.

What to expect from your cleaning
Besides coming home to the cleanest your home as been since the day it was built, there are other things you can expect from Magic Bubbles now that you are a valued customer. You should see a lawn sign letting you know what services were performed at your home including the date of service, the technician’s names and any notes that we feel is appropriate. You can except to receive informative emails from time to time that may contain information about your property and/or coupons for future service.

On ground surfaces we use a medium-high pressure water cleaning system even if the low pressure chemical system is used first. Depending upon the installer and drainage of your property, there may be some puddles left behind after cleaning. A lot of times, we can remove them before we leave. However, sometimes we cannot completely. Most of the time, it is water that will dry up within a couple hours. Sometimes these puddles may have dirt in them that cannot be pushed away (normally these areas are at the base of driveways or corner of screen enclosures). Worst case, you may have to sweep the dirt away when the puddle dries.

Paver and Concrete Stains
The easiest way to look at your pavers in regards to stains is as a very thick sponge. The longer a stain, oil, rust, etc., stays on this “sponge” the more it absorbs into it. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all stains can be removed 100%. Most of the time, with the application of chemicals and degreaser, we can at least get the stain up to 50% removed and you may be left with a “shadow” appearance of where the stain was. For rust stains from sprinklers, we use a special formulated rust remover that works great on walls and concrete. Our success rate for this removal is 95%. The oil stains on pavers and concrete is the toughest to remove; rust is the easiest to remove. Please let us know prior to coming out if you have rust that you would like removed as there is an additional charge outside of the pressure cleaning cost.

Fertilizer Stains
These stains are the most difficult to remove. Depending upon the type of fertilizer that was left on the surface and how long the stain has been there which will determine the success rate in removal.

Roof Tiles
Roofs come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The majority of roofs are shingles, clay tiles or concrete tiles. Roof tiles can crack over time due to weathering. The older the roof, the longer it has been exposed to the climates. Forces of expansion and contraction and laying the tiles too tightly can also cause them to crack over time.

Screens can be found outside of windows or on your screen enclosure. We use a low pressure cleaning method to clean around these areas. Even if your screening was properly installed, pressure cleaning should not cause screens to rip or be removed. This is caused by weathering over time and/or improper installation. Depending upon the exposure to the climates, screens should last 5-10 years then they begin to deteriorate.

Prior to your appointment, please be mindful to bring any fragile or delicate items inside. This may include lawn ornaments, small potted plants, furniture cushions or anything else you do not want to get wet.

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Residential Pressure Cleaning Service – what to expect?

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